About The Firm

RedLime Solutions is a professional IT services firm providing comprehensive business solutions to help its clients discover and realize their vision for success.

We specialize in global IT consulting, solutions integration and custom developed technology solutions to complex industry challenges and opportunities. With the full power of unique depth of thought combined with the expertise of leading professionals from around the globe, we are committed to protecting and enhancing the enterprise value of our clients.


Constantly investigating current and emerging technology and products for business and client markets gives us a broad context for understanding the global IT service needs, products and where they might fit with different markets.


We have a deep understanding of service/product implementation lifecycles, communication issues and market responses. In particular, having covered virtually every new information and communications technology put to market in the last decade means that we can provide input on effective technology solutions aligned with our client’s unique business needs.


As all of our consultants and professionals have at least 10 years of research experience and post graduate qualifications in relevant disciplines along with in-depth knowledge of most current and future technology directions, we can help you build your business case and to more effectively manage your products and services.